ReCount Restaurant Database Fall 2014 now available. The ReCount database is a current, verified file of information on over 635,000 restaurants in every market in the United States.
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ReCAP Retail Location Database 11.1 is now available! The ReCAP database is a current, verified file of information on over 1,075,000 retail locations.
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DataSource Technology is proud to partner with Pitnet Bowes in offering some of the best desktop mapping software and data location information available. Click the link to be directed to the PB Product Showcase.
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Welcome to DataSource Technology, Inc.

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DataSource Technology, Inc. is a privately held company that specializes in providing project consulting, mapping services, mapping software, training and computerized geographic and demographic data and systems for business applications.

With over 25 years of experience, DataSource Technology, Inc. has a unique understanding of the data, software and services components required for successful implementation.

  • Aerial Inset
    Map of Aerial Inset
    This aerial image of Chicago’s Wrigley Field shows the construction in the immediate area and lists several “watering holes’ around the ballpark. Restaurant locations are from the ReCount Restaurant Location file and were produced with Pitney Bowes’ AnySite Software.

  • Drivetime Analysis
    Map of Drivetime Analysis
    This map depicts a typical Drivetime around Wrigley Field and can be useful in understanding commute times to various locations and for trade area creation and analysis. This map was generated in Pitney Bowes’ AnySite and used the Freeway Drivetime module.

  • Crime Map
    Chicago Crime Map
    This map shows the locations of crime incidents and is a good example of how spatial analysis can be used in a variaty of different applications and with several different datasets.

  • Customer Spotting
    Customer Spotting Map
    This map shows the overlap of same chain customers based on store preference. This is an excellent way to identify trade area overlap and underperforming areas that might be good for future store expansion. This was generated using Pitney Bowe’s MapMarker Plus Geocoder and MapInfo Professional Mapping Software.


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