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DataSource Technology, Inc., is a fully authorized Value Added Reseller of GIS software and demographic data with extensive applications knowledge and strong relationships with a wide variety of Original Software Manufacturers and data providers. DataSource Technology, Inc.'s primary role is to provide turn key solutions to the user community.

For many years customers have relied on the Original Software Manufacturer to provide sales direction and contract negotiations to the geodemographic user community. As the needs of the user community have expanded, no one company has been able to offer the best products across the data software, training, customization and project spectrum. DataSource Technology, Inc. has knowledge of which suppliers produce quality products and the features and benefits of most products offered in the market.

The Top 7 Reasons to Select DataSource Technology, Inc.

  1. Knowledge of the Industry - DataSource Technology, Inc. has been in the industry for 16 years and has a thorough knowledge of mapping software and data trends. This eliminates unforeseen pitfalls and wasted time and effort
  2. Knowledge of all Suppliers - DataSource Technology, Inc. is required to have knowledge of which suppliers produce quality product and the features and benefits of most products offered in the market. We also have knowledge of the stability of most suppliers. This provides a better decision-making process for your organization.
  3. Professionalism - DataSource Technology, Inc. employees possess a high degree of professionalism as a result of working with and maintaining a favorable relationship with completing suppliers. This helps you look good to your organization.
  4. Diverse Product Line - DataSource Technology, Inc. maintains contact with several suppliers to offer products in a variety of applications, including CRM, Mapping, Data Management, Modeling, Segmentation and Direct Marketing. This saves you time in shopping around.
  5. Client Advocate - DataSource Technology, Inc. becomes a client advocate looking out for the client's best interests because of the desire to maintain a true long-term relationship with the customer. DataSource Technology, Inc. employees are doing what they want to do for the long term. This means less disruption for your organization.
  6. Pricing Options - DataSource Technology, Inc. has a number of different solutions to offer in a wide variety of value options best suited to fit your needs. This offers you the best value.
  7. Longevity - DataSource Technology, Inc. is not limited to a single supplier or product application. As a result, we are more immune to acquisitions, mergers, and discontinued products than a single product vendor. This means more stability for your organization.


The primary objective of DataSource Technology, Inc. is to become the premier geodemographic and GIS Consultant in the Midwest offering superior product and applications knowledge to a wide variety of customers, using geodemographic software solutions. This is accomplished by:


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