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Consulting and Support Services

DataSource Technology, Inc. is a total solution provider offering a full range of services tailored to meet your needs. We offer the following services to our clients:

DataSource Technology, Inc. specializes in using your own data to optimize it geographically. This analysis helps us to offer a full range of the business services, and can save time and avoid costly mistakes. Our consulting services can provide you with custom planning, design and implementation of GIS technology. Our help in the implementation phase will get you up and running as quickly as possible. To do that, DataSource Technology, Inc. supports you and trains your staff so they can become productive quickly. We provide:

Needs Assessment

  • GIS software demonstrations
  • GIS cost/benefit analyses
  • Standardization of existing GIS installations
  • Information flow analyses
  • Strategic business planning to utilize geographic information
  • Application Design

System Selection

  • Appraisal/benchmark testing
  • Preparation of GIS technical specifications
  • Procurement management

Implementation Planning

  • Source-data evaluation on quality, suitability, availability and accuracy
  • Data capture plans and procedures
  • Human resources planning
  • Documentation and user manuals creation

Training on the software, data and applications is very important. Most of the software is intuitive and user-friendly and contains a sophisticated, feature rich package, but the tools work best in familiar hands. The training services offered by DataSource Technology, Inc. are specifically designed to develop those skills quickly and cost effectively. It can be difficult and time consuming to try to learn the software by reading the reference manuals. DataSource Technology, Inc. provides classroom training in connection with Authorized Training Centers or any on-site training you require. Training for MapInfo Professional, ArcGIS and Atlas GIS are available at many cities across the U.S. and Canada. Instruction is available for all levels of users. Formal training sessions are held in regional training centers. Personalized, on-site sessions can be held at your company's location and we offer various options for customized and tailored training.

Class-room - On-site and Off-site

  • AnySite
  • ArcGIS
  • Alteryx
  • MapInfo Professional
  • MapBasic
  • MapMarker
  • MapInfo SpatialWare
  • MapX
  • MapXtreme - Internet/Intranet/Extranet
  • TargetPro
  • Business Analyst
  • Allocate

Task specific, such as:

  • Sales and marketing applications
  • Operations
  • Financial
  • Administrative
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Engineering

Product Analysis

Data Services

Customer Analysis

Market/Area Analysis

Tools Available: Smart Site, Site Matcher, and Site Screener

DataSource Technology, Inc. works with custom developers to provide a full range of programming services from simple application integration to enterprise-wide systems development. We can provide:

DataSource Technology, Inc. can clean and standardize your files used in mapping and design maps for specific purposes or create situation maps. If you do have the staff or expertise we can provide this for you. We provide access to the following:

DataSource Technology, Inc. can assist you with the purchase of a wide variety of software, data, mailing list and analysis products. We are experienced at all of the major mapping software packages and demographic data sets. You receive personalized, knowledgeable assistance in determining which package is right for you and best of all; it does not cost you anything extra. DataSource Technology, Inc. is able to purchase in quantity from the nationally known manufacturers of software and data and pass the saving along to you.

This is an alternative to purchasing geocoding software. You provide a .dbf file with street address, city and zip code fields. We add longitude, latitude and 12-digit FIPS census block group code to each record

Use longitude/latitude coordinates to display your data with mapping software (MapInfo, ArcGIS). The FIPS code can be used to link your custom data demographic databases for market penetration analysis.

Competitive Analytics Professionals

ReCAP and ReCount are two of the most accurate location databases available today.  These files  contain more than 1.5 million retail and restaurant locations in the US and Canada.  Both are verified and updated at least twice a year.

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