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Roads, Streets and Boundaries

The premier street-level data product, offering accuracy and display quality that's unparalleled in the industry. StreetPro is Pitney Bowes MapInfo's own brand of high-end United States street products designed for users who need highly accurate and up-to-date street information to make mission critical decisions, create presentation quality maps, and perform highly accurate routing functions. StreetPro is available in two forms: StreetPro Display for professional looking, presentation quality maps and StreetPro with Enhanced Address Layer for mapping projects where addressing precision counts. StreetPro is the first data product on the market that combines street-level accuracy with Pitney Bowes MapInfo-quality display.

StreetPro Display is the only display product on the market created from Tele Atlas' exclusive Dynamap. StreetPro gives you the most current streets to ensure a real-world display and the graphic quality you need to illustrate and present your analysis. Street Pro Display is the ideal street data product for use in many mapping analyses, including large retail, fast food and distribution companies for targeted marketing, site selection and product profiling.

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StreetProTM Canada provides you with a street level mapping product with unparalleled display quality with the most up-to-date data. StreetPro Canada contains over 600,000 addressed street segments and has full attribution for all towns with a population of 2,000 or more.

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StreetPro Puerto Rico features the most up-to-date and complete coverage of Puerto Rican streets and landmarks available in the marketplace. While other companies simply repackage TIGER data, StreetPro's data source, Tele Atlas' Dynamap/2009 has added thousands of new address ranges and streets to deliver unparalleled geoccoding results in Puerto Rico

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TigerMetrix™, the premier street file products from DataMetrix™, provides great detail, with particular emphasis on major retail areas. The superior quality data is suitable for even the most sophisticated modeling applications. In many situations the data is supplemented by traffic count and support data collected while actually driving the street networks.

The TigerMetrix™ suite of products allow you to produce presentation-quality maps for on-screen display, publication or implementation on the Web. The files feature more than fifty layers optimized for smaller file sizes and faster drawing times.

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Tele Atlas® Dynamap® Display is a vector-based, digital, geographic database in
which streets and features are represented as line segments, polygons or points.
Tele Atlas® Dynamap® Display is optimized for display purposes. Drawing speed is of
primary importance.

This product’s extensive list of features is organized in logical layers. The layers are organized in this user guide by categories:

  • Highways, Streets, Railroads and Ferries
  • City Points
  • Water
  • Landmarks
  • Census
  • Postal
  • Product Design and Use:

  • Internet applications
  • Mapping applications
  • Graphic presentations
  • Any system where fast drawing speed is essential and extended layer attribution is not a major concern.
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    TrafficMetrix™ is compiled traffic information from thousands of municipalities, departments of transportation and local governments, then combined it with our own field-verified traffic data gathered from on-site surveys.
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    FreeWay DriveTime for US

    Freeway is a drive time generator which can be used to produce polygons representing the area which can be driven from a specified point within a specified amount of time under specific traffic conditions either one at a time or for an entire dBase table. It can also be used for point-to-point drive times between a single origin an single destination point. Finally, it can produce tables between a set of one or more origins and a set of one or more destinations.

    Freeway uses a precompiled grid environment that is a compressed representation of the Tiger street file system. A detailed grid (approximately 500 feet in size) is used for drive time up to 30 minutes while a generalized grid (approximately 1/2 mile in size) is used for larger drive times. It is possible to force Freeway to use a specific grid size for any particular problem.
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    FreeWay DriveTime for Canada

    Spatial Insights Freeway Drive Time for Canada application uses sophisticated spatial analysis technology to more accurately define trade areas based on travel time from a proposed site.

    Freeway can be used to produce:

    • Polygons representing the area which can be driven from a specified point within a specified amount of time under user specified traffic conditions.
    • Point-to-point drive times between a single origin and single destination point.
    • Tables of drive times between a set of one or more origins and a set of one or more destinations.

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    Pitney Bowes MapInfo DriveTime Module for US

    DriveTime provides a supplement to stand-alone mapping systems, integrated marketing systems, or vertical market applications in which distance is more appropriately expressed in terms of travel time. This method is preferred in many cases to standard straight-line, radius, and network distance calculations.

    DriveTime creates a polygon for the area that can be covered over the road network in a specified period of time, given certain traffic conditions. The polygon can then be used within a mapping environment or within a spatial retrieval engine to extract demographics, facility locations, traffic counts and other geographic data.
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    Pitney Bowes MapInfo DriveTime European Edition

    The leading solution for creating drive time catchment boundaries and routes (European Edition).

    Pitney Bowes MapInfo Drivetime® is the leading solution for organisations that need to understand, analyse and visualise catchments around existing or new locations to support planning decisions, deliver improved services or maintain competitive advantage. If you are analysing possible locations for a new store or distribution centre, planning a new housing estate, or wondering why a branch is underperforming, Pitney Bowes MapInfo Drivetime will help you find the answers.
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    2010 Census Blocks

    Census blocks are areas bounded on all sides by visible features, such as streets, roads, streams, and railroad tracks, and by invisible boundaries, such as city, town, township, and county limits, and short, imaginary extensions of streets and roads. Generally, census blocks are small in area. However, census blocks in sparsely settled areas may contain many square miles of territory.
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    2010 Block Groups

    A block group is a cluster of census blocks having the same first digit of their four-digit identifying numbers within a census tract. Block Groups generally contain between 600 and 3,000 people, with an optimum size of 1,500 people. Block Groups on American Indian reservations, off-reservation trust land, and special places must contain a minimum of 300 people.
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    2010 Census Tracts

    Census tracts are small, relatively permanent statistical subdivisions of a county or statistically equivalent entity delineated by local participants as part of he U.S. Census Bureau's Participant Statistical Areas program. The primary purpose of census tracts is to provide a stable set of geographic units for the presentation of decennial census data. This is the first decennial census for which the entire United States is covered by census tracts.
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    2010 MCD

    Minor civil divisions (MCDs) are the primary governmental or administrative divisions of a county in many states. MCDs represent many different kinds of legal entities with a wide variety of governmental and/or administrative functions.
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    2010 County Boundaries

    County Boundaries includes files with and without water boundaries and an inventory file with centroids.
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    2010 MSA

    Census MSA Boundary and Inventory File. Includes boundaries for all Metropolitan Statistical Areas and centroid locations for all boundaries. This file is useful for thematic mapping of demographic data and for marketing analysis.
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    2010 Places

    Places, for the reporting of decennial census data, include census designated places, consolidated cities, and incorporated places. Each place is assigned a five-digit Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) code, based on the alphabetical order of the place name within each state. If place names are duplicated within a state and the represent distinctly different areas, a separate code is assigned to each place name alphabetically by primary county in which each place is located, or if both places are in the same county, alphabetically by their legal description (for example, "city" before "village").
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    2010 State

    State Boundaries contains the outlines of all 50 States, and the District of Columbia (D.C.). The State Boundary map is an effective tool for thematic displays.
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    5-Digit ZIP Code Boundaries

    Tele Atlas 5 Digit Zips deliver the most current cartographic information available on U.S. Postal Service 5-Digit ZIP codes. The database contains representations for all 5-Digit Codes and includes charges that have occurred within the preceding quarter. A names table has been produced which will have the ZIP Code and PO name field, will include only ZIP Codes which have more than one PO name and will not be mapable. In other words, each state will include a Post Office Names table which is a data base of names associated with each ZIP Code that has multiple names and is not used for geocoding.
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    3-Digit ZIP Code Boundaries

    The Tele Atlas 3-Digit ZIP Code Boundaries are outlines of all of the three-digit ZIP Codes for the U.S. A pointfile of the centerpoints of the areas is included with the boundaries.
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    Puerto Rico ZIP Code Boundaries

    Delivers the most current cartographic information available on Puerto Rico ZIP Codes. The database contains representations for all ZIP codes and includes changes that have occurred within the preceding quarter.
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    Carrier Routes

    Carrier Routes are delivery areas for mail carriers. The boundaries are defined by Census Blocks and partial Census Blocks included in them.
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    Zip+4 Centroids US

    ZIP+4 centroids are defined by the United States Postal Service. Although the file cannot be used for thematic shading maps, it can provide relatively accurate geocoding database.
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    Zip+ 4 Centroids for Puerto Rico

    The most current cartographic information available on Puerto Rico ZIP Codes.
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    Global Postal Codes

    A single source for postal data, with products for over 240 countries. MapInfo offers the most current cartographic representation of postal code information for hundreds of countries worldwide. The latest postal data is critical to many of the applications that enable your organization to use location intelligence for decision-making and planning.

    All postal data is attributed with names and official descriptions including local language names. Align postal data with StreetPro®, MapMarker® Plus and Census boundary products for better analysis and presentation maps.

    REFINE ANALYSIS AND MAPPING WITH POSTAL DATA: Assist multinational business analyses with global coverage; Capture the correct locations with up-to-date postal points; Maintain consistent styles and formats across many countries so seamlessly fits together.

    SHARE LOCATION INTELLIGENCE ACROSS YOUR ORGANIZATION: Use postal data in stand-alone applications or geocoding solutions; Create applications to locate, visualise, and analyse geographic data; Seamless integration with StreetPro®, MapMarker® and Envinsa.®

    FloodPlain Info

    A map database of flood plains across the U.S. and some U.S. territories.
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    Hazard Info

    HazardInfo is a bundle of two databases: HazWasteInfo and ToxicReleaseInfo.
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    WeatherInfo consists of the five weather peril and natural disaster map databases and are valuable informational tools for a wide range of industries, business sectors and government organizations.
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    Time Zone Boundaries and Daylight Savings Time- North America

    Time Zones in North America.
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    Time Zone Boundaries and Daylight Savings Time- World

    Time Zones in the World.
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