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Data for Mapping and Analysis

External Databases coupled with your own databases are the fuel for any information mapping system. Aside from the maps and data that come with your software, you may need additional map and market data elements to provide the necessary foundation for your analysis. This data can consist of traffic count data, business point locations, economic and sales forecasting data, detailed and up to date demographic data for either the United States or International.

There is a vast quantity of data available. Turning this data into customized information is our specialty. DataSource Technology, Inc. has the expertise and capability to provide data from many countries including Latin America, Europe, Asia and the U.S.

If you are interested in maps to dynamically link database information with a software program (such as those offered by DST) choose the category of maps and data you are interested in.

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Roads, Streets and Boundaries

DataSource Technology works with a number of suppliers to insure that you have the most current digital street and traffic count information available. Most products are offered in ArcView, MapInfo and other popular database and GIS formats.

We also have Drive Time calculators, census and postal boundaries, and specialty software for the United States, Canada, and many foreign countries.

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Software Solutions

There are five types of software available from DataSource Technology, Inc.  We offer a wide variety of tools to fit the different needs of each and every organization. Choose a software category below or to the left for more information.

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