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Global Insight Plus

Global Insight Plus consists of Global Insight with additional layers to provide a data rich coverage of the world. Global Insight base layers include up-to-date political mapping at two scales (1:3M and 1:1M), time zones, coastlines, international borders, some first level administrative borders and over 345,000 named places with size classification and urban sprawls. Global Insight Plus supplement layers include roads, railroads, airports (including IATA and ICAO codes), ports (including UN/LOCODE), rivers and lakes.

Global Insight Plus forms the new standard for world reference mapping and are ideal upgrades for outdated data sets derived from the Digital Chart of the World (DCW).

Features include:

Current political world map at two scales
Over 345,000 locally named places
Alternative place name spellings
Diacritic (accented) characters
Size classification & urban sprawls
Time zones
Roads, Railways
Airports (with IATA and ICAO code)
Ports (with UN/LOCODE)
Rivers and Lakes
Intermatching data layers
Single CD-ROM with on-line help
Internet / Intranet ready

Compatibility with other data: Digital Chart of the World and ADC WorldMap.

Geographic Coverage



1:3,000,000 and 1:1,000,000

Vintage Date

Updated Quarterly


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