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StreetPro® Canada

StreetPro Canada provides customers with high quality street-level data and premier display quality. Using the most current data available in the market today, StreetPro Canada is updated quarterly and has address attribution for all towns with a population of 500 people or greater.

StreetPro Canada includes information from several sources:

  • Municipal land use maps
  • Municipal planning and development maps
  • Municipal zoning maps and official plans
  • Municipal street and address maps
  • Regional planning documents
  • Canadian Road NetworkTM (Natural Resources Canada)
  • Digital Topographic Data produced under license from Natural Resources Canada
  • StreetPro Canada is available in two options to offer you more choice, flexibility and value:

    StreetPro Canada has full street geometry, including street names, for all of Canada. This is a non-addressed, fast display, “chained” streets layer. StreetPro Canada Display Enhanced Address Layer (EAL) has all the features of the Display product, plus it contains street addresses that can be used to geocode using MapInfo Professional.

    • Addressed Streets (not available with StreetPro Display)
    • Display Streets
    • Area Landmarks
    • Highways
    • Institutions
    • Ramps
    • Land Use Areas
    • Highways Shield
    • Parks
    • Highway Signage
    • Recreation Areas
    • Transportation Points
    • Railroads
    • Province Boundaries
    • Utility Lines
    • Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs)
    • Ferries
    • Census Divisions (CDs)
    • Water Bodies
    • Census Subdivisions (CSDs)
    • Water Rivers
    • Urban Agglomeration
    • Airports

    StreetPro Features and Tools:

    Map Definition Files (MDFs)—Shipped with StreetPro, MDFs
    provide a jumpstart in taking maps from the desktop to the
    Internet quickly. Check out the new look and feel here on the

    Autoloader—Effortlessly manage numerous layers of street data. Users can now choose an option for ‘Interleaved’ line style display. Users can open and display layers using a variety of updated display templates.

    Bonus CD—Contains additional data, such as Pitney Bowes Business Insight grid files showing terrain (DTED data), time zones, U.S. and Mexican boundaries and more! (Not applicable to CMA and CD purchases.)

    Seamless Builder—A stand-alone MapBasic® application, quickly and flexibly builds seamless maps for Canada or any user defined coverage area.

    Bilingual Cartographic Legend Support —Features described in both English and French. You may create a cartographic legend on any map using MapInfo Professional.

    Street Append—Exclusive to Pitney Bowes Business Insight street products, append tables or create a seamless map. Highway Shield Manager—Exclusive to Pitney Bowes Business Insight street products, the Shield Manager gives the ability to create, edit and move shield layers.

    Coverage: Canada

    Vintage: Updated Quarterly

    Unit of Sale: Canada; Region; Province*

    *Ontario and Quebec are considered Regions.

    Scale: 1:1,000- 1:30,000 urban; 1:50,000 - 1:250,000 rural

    Source: Tele Atlas North America

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