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Canadian 6-Digit Postal Code Points

Canadian postal codes usually represent one block or apartment building in urban areas and are coded to enumeration area centroids in rural areas or where no reference data is available. This makes them an effective tool for geocoding.

TeleAtlas Canada undertakes extensive checks on this file to identify assignments of FSA/LDUs to Enumeration Areas (EAs) which are implausible because the locations of the two are too far apart or the EAs fall substantially outside the FSA boundary, or for other reasons. This file contains 793,347 6-digit postal codes across Canada with their respective latitude/longitude coordinates. In the case of multiple postal codes, the most representative centroid location is given.

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Geographic Coverage
• Canada

• NAD83

Minimal Requirements
• Minimum of 171MB of hard disk space for all of Canada

Vintage Date
• 2011

Data Updates
• Semi-annual

• TeleAtlas Canada. Some content is Copyright of the respective owners of the data, as licensed to TeleAtlas Canada for value added redistribution.

Unit of Sale
• Canada; Province; Region; Market

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