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Canadian Railroad Map Database

The Canadian Railroad Map Database has been developed through extensive industry research and reflects the rail systems currently in operation. This database contains the Canadian railroad companies and a layer containing the station points. Each of the rail lines are linked to a database that identifies the railroad company ownership while the point file, containing approximately 1300 station points, is linked to information identifying the station name.

The Canadian Railroad Map Database was developed for viewing and mapping rail lines with associated information that aids in the many types of transportation applications involving rail such as: Route Studies, Market Analysis, Fleet Management, Planning, Consultation, and Emergency Response.

This product has been edge-matched to the U.S. Railroad Database to ensure a continuous rail database for North America.

Geographic Coverage
• Canada

• 1:1,000,000

Vintage Date
• Updated Annually

Data Updates
• Annual

• DeskMap Systems, Inc.

Unit of Sale
• Canada Rail-Complete

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