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Estimates & Projections Canada

E&P 2011 Estimated Households

Estimates and Projections is the definitive demographic database for Canada providing updated census-type variables. The E&P data presents estimates and projections of population (by age and sex) and households (by age of primary maintainer) for census year, current year, & f5 year projection. The file also includes estimates and projections of aggregate and average household income for current, three and five years, as well as estimates of aggregate and average household expenditure for current year. Estimates & Projections is available as a standalone database and/or with MarketMath.

Current Year Estimates:

Trending Variables:

Measures of Actual Change, Percent Change, Annual Percent Change between Census and E&P years for Population, Households, and Income variables.

Geographic Coverage
• Canada

Vintage Date
• 2011

Data Updates
• Annual

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• Canada; Regions; Provinces; CMA; CD

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