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Use demographics to anticipate consumer and market trends.
Pitney Bowes Business Insight has developed a comprehensive demographic data tool that can be used by businesses in virtually any industry. Estimates & Projections data provides valuable insights for customer, site and market analyses, market potential evaluation and service planning. The data is created using traditional demographic techniques and innovative, proprietary processes that result in a very robust database. The data features updated demographic variables from the Census – current year estimates, as well as three, five and ten year projections, and is available as a stand-alone version or bundled into Pitney Bowes Business Insight software solutions including TargetPro®, AnySite® and AnySite® Online.
Targeted projections for better market analyses

The definitive E&P demographics database

GroundView Demographic Data

Pitney Bowes Business Insight Next Generation Demographics


GroundView demographics provide you with the reliable, consistent data you need to make confident decisions in site selection, marketing, distribution, product development and other key business areas.
GroundView demographics enable you to more accurately identify and quantify high change areas – both growth and decline.
GroundView represents the next stage in the evolution of demographics, bringing a new level of reliability and timeliness to market analysis and decision making. By leveraging household-based demographics provided by The Gadberry Group, Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s new GroundView demographics not only provide unparalleled accuracy and dependability for market analytics, but also “actionability”—the means to easily move from analysis to marketing action with residential mailing lists.

  • Frequent updates – Quarterly updates ensure that you can base your decisions on current information.
  • Estimates for rapidly changing markets – The ultimate test of any demographic system is its ability to produce dependable household and population counts for critical high-change markets– whether that’s growth or decline – an area where GroundView excels!


  • Key Features
  • Micro-to-Macro – Built from the ground up using household-level demographics
  • Current – Quarterly updates to critical population and household trendsComprehensive – Includes a complete suite of demographic variables, including age, income, sex, race and ethnicity, marital status, and much more
  • Innovative – Multi-source build process that marries the “best” of household-level information, Postal delivery statistics, and U.S. Census estimates
  • Precise – Available at Block level aggregations and above
  • Integrated – Fully integrated with Pitney Bowes Business Insight software, analytics and services

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