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ReCAP Retail Database

An Invaluable Tool for Site Selection and Analysis

The ReCAP Retail database provides a complete, continually up-to-date view of today’s retail landscape, making it highly desirable and invaluable for site selection and analysis.  ReCAP Retail is a comprehensive list of 987,000 locations that will enable you to make intelligent, strategically relevant decisions.  The data is completely customizable and, in fact, will work seamlessly with your current mapping capabilities.


What’s different about ReCAP Retail?

ReCAP can deliver what other providers cannot: an enhanced sales estimate based on a proprietary methodology that calculates an annual sales estimate for each location by taking into consideration the customer base and density, physical location, and competitive environment for each store’s trade area. 


ReCAP Retail is a thorough, continually updated and verified database that is checked for accuracy and completeness, utilizing the most rigorous and reliable sources and processes available.  ReCAP Retail doesn’t include non-retail locations, corporate offices, and distribution points…and ReCAP Retail records are individually researched and verified to ensure the correctness of their industry classification.


ReCAP Retail is the most comprehensive Retail List available.

 The data is compiled from unit counts and individual locations for retail chains in 191 different classifications.  You purchase only the records that you need in the format that you want. 

 Data Sources

The data is compiled from commercially and publicly available sources, as well as CAP’s own proprietary data for the retail industry, including: 

 Quick ReCAP Retail Facts

Retail Trade Names:  6,703
Retail Locations:  1,075,987
Canada :  66,654
Categories:  70
Sub Categories:  203
93% geocoded at address level
100% with SIC, NAICS and CAP Category and Class

 ReCAP Retail provides the answers you need and the power to efficiently analyze existing retail sites to help you: 

  1. Select locations for new site analysis
  2. Identify untapped potential and avoid unfavorable competitive situations
  3. Develop expansion plans to maximize profitability
  4. Make decisions more quickly and precisely, while prioritizing resources
  5. Analyze market potential and competitive threats
  6. Analyze the commercial retail universe proactively
  7. Determine growth segments as they relate to your concept

ReCAP Retail Database Overview
ReCAP Retail Fact Sheet

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