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For more than 80 years, Chain Store Guide (CSG) has been the leading provider of comprehensive and definitive retail and foodservice intelligence to businesses around the world.
The effort, commitment and dedication to quality demonstrated by the founders of Chain Store Guide have served as the model for continued excellence.

As retail channels and industries developed, Chain Store Guide was there to define the markets. Today, Chain Store Guide continues to be a primary source of information that business professionals rely on for timely and accurate data on the evolving retail and foodservice industries.

CSG data is compiled by our staff of editors and research professionals. While some companies simply compile data from sources such as the Yellow Pages, Chain Store Guide researches every company profiled. Our staff contacts these companies by phone, fax, mail or email to verify information and ensure data is accurate and current. The result is better data -- truly useful data you can count on to build your business.

CSG’s database details all major retailers, restaurants, distributors and wholesalers in the United States and Canada with contact information on more than 195,000 key executives and buyers.


Retail Location Data - An exclusive compilation of more than 583,000 opened and closed store units operated by the leading chain and independent companies across major retail market segments.
Store level information is used to:

  • Map the competition and site selection
  • Create product awareness at both headquarter and store levels
  • Educate store managers for special promotions, ad campaigns, and coupon drops
  • Plan in-store deliveries and sales merchandising.

Restaurant Location Data -An exclusive database of 165,000+ restaurant locations operated by the top 100 restaurant companies

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