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Applied Geographic Solutions, Inc


AGS has a unique business philosophy. It is grounded in the belief that to achieve the most intelligent market decisions, business leaders must have the opportunity to gain several important data advantages including:

• Market data created with superior data sources and proven methodologies.
• Direct access to data experts who can answer your critical questions.
• The highest level of fair-market data value.

Pioneers in the delivery of superior quality demographic and industry-specific data,  AGS features a complete range of all U.S. Government Census demographics include a wide range of 1990 and 2000 Census variables plus current year estimates, 5 and 10 year projections of key income and population by age/sex.  Many other key economic, business, healthcare, climate, crime and other data is also available. Cartographic files, derived from U.S. Government Tiger files, are also available.



Marketing and Demographic information

Mosaic Segmentation

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